Mr Big

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Life the universe and all things "Good Bad n Ugly"

Welcome to my absurd ramblings and thankyou for taking the time out of your inevitability busy day to read the deranged rambling of some complete stranger.

Firstly this page has no structure and is completely freehand in the sense that my self have no Idea what I am going to write next, but its feels good to let of some steam so what the hell !

I'll start with the big one ... why are we here...? MMM pretty big question but one worth considering even though there’s no way of coming up with any proof ..(.Just a mo while I turn down the TV, friends is on and I've seen this on about 50 times already) ..Err so why are we here ..... well a good place to start is in the beginning I guess. Some guy called God put us here and is testing us to see weather we should go to heaven ... At this point I guess I should make clear that I do not wish to offend any race or religion and I my self am a Christian ....or should I say someone who is open to exploring all religions and finding out about peoples beliefs...well that out of the way.

So where was I ... Why are we here Theory (1 ) we all are here to pass through this life and make our way to heaven, sounds simple enough, however this is a conditional arrangement in which we have to satisfy some criteria, proving our morality and general worthllyness.
Not a bad deal I guess, all we have to do is keep away from lying, stealing, murdering, adultery and general getting up to bad stuff and we are in! But hold on a minuet, someone forgot to read the small print, there's a few things that got left out along the way somewhere. Like what if you have to steal to eat because your hungry, is that an exception? Or you your sent to war and kill people defending your own country and family?? I know these are over simplified but I am trying to point out a "grey area “ which unfortunately we seem to find ourselves in most of the time. Were constantly pulled towards making dubious decisions that may affect the rest of our lives. Anyay Ill update later, its dinner time now I’ve got a curry in the microwave. MMm what a dilema.